If you feel a parking citation you received was issued in ERROR

please complete the Request to Review Parking Citation form.  

Examples of parking citations issued in error are:

1.  The vehicle is exempted by state statute,

2.  The vehicle was illegally parked due to a DOCUMENTED medical emergency,

3.  You had previously notified the Mt. Horeb Police Department of a vehicle breakdown

Please keep in mind that the form must be completed within

 five business days from the citation date of issue.

The Request to Review Parking Citation form can be obtained at the

Mount Horeb Police Department or downloaded directly from the

Request to Review Parking Citation downloadable form below.

You can complete the document, save it, and email it to us as an attachment to

You can also print the document, complete it, and forward it to the

 Mount Horeb Police Department

400 Blue Mounds Street

Mount Horeb, WI 53572


or fax it to 608-437-4770.

Any questions can be referred to anyone at the police department at 608-437-5522.