Is your pet missing?

Here are a few tips from the Dane County Humane Society and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin to help you reunite with your pet, both feline and canine.

1)  Put out food, water, and a familiar article (blanket, pet bed, etc.) where the animal was last seen.

2)  Use flyers and signs with the pet's photo and your phone number. 

3)  Contact the following with your missing pet's description and your contact information:

  • Dane County Humane Society, 838-0413
  • Mt. Horeb Animal Hospital, 437-8122
  • Police Department, 437-5522

4) Instruct your helpers not to give chase if your pet is located, but to sit down and lure your pet with tasty treats instead.

5)  Post your missing pet on Facebook "Mount Horeb Area - Lost Pets" and/or Craigslist's "Community" section under both "Pets" and "Lost + Found".

6)  Contact Mt. Horeb Mail at 437-5553 to place an ad regarding your pet.

PLEASE make sure your pet is wearing its collar with up-to-date tags at all times.   Ask your vet about micro-chipping your animals, as well. Update your tags and microchip contact information if you move.

For more detailed information and tips on lost dogs, go to Lost Dogs of Wisconsin.  For lost cats, go to Cats In the Bag